The Lagree Fitness Pace - Honor Yours


We push you to your edge…

It’s your job to get there!

Authored by Lori Yearwood

Pace is something our coaches touch on during every Lagree class.  ~ ‘Go slower!’, ‘Transition faster!’ ~ seemingly always at a time you wish you didn’t have to listen as your edge approaches. Why is the Lagree fitness pace so important? For starters, moving through a range of motion slowly ensures that the target muscle is engaged and under tension from the beginning right through the end of the movement. Your muscle activates more slow-twitch, fat-burning fibers that way, which continue to burn calories hours after you’ve completed a somewhat grueling 45 minutes of full body conditioning. You do want strong tight muscles right?!

The transition between moves is meant to be fast, to keep your heart rate up, add an element of cardio and keep tension on your muscles. We push you to train smarter, not necessarily harder. The more familiar you become with our various Lagree specific moves and the Megaformer, the quicker you can fly through your transitions, and let’s face it even have FUN as you race against yourself to see fast results. The next time you hear your coach say, “let’s go, let’s go, 5 seconds or less to the next move!” it’s their job to push you to your edge, but it’s your job to get there!

What’s the number one question we get asked? How often should I do Lagree?

First must always honor where your body is at a particular point in time. There is no script or formula and of course, everyone is different. Your workout frequency and intensity is relative to your starting place and goals. Most importantly, our bodies NEED a period of recovery after a workout and real CHANGE (strength, endurance, muscle definition) occurs during that time. We get it if you just can’t stay away, but consider that over stressing the body is how injuries happen. Remember the goal of the workout is EFFECTIVE MUSCLE STIMULATION, pushing the muscle to absolute fatigue. If you begin your workout fatigued, you’re not only setting yourself up for injury, but your workout also becomes less efficient. Long story short? Rest days allow muscles, nerves, bones and connective tissue time to rebuild. On the flip side, too much time away between classes will have you feeling like you are restarting the process every time.

See you soon on the Mega!