“This is an amazing place that is changing my body and mind. I'm more toned than before and my body doesn't ache! It's high intensity, low impact. I always leave class sweaty and feeling great. BURNer for life!”


I love me some BURN! I cannot get enough of this place. It's a killer workout that challenges me every single time. All the instructors are great and it's a fun environment. If you are looking to mix up your workouts and challenge your body BURN is the place for you!

- Jensina

This the best workout I've ever done! So effective, I've never seen better results doing anything else, but also low impact. Each class is challenging but well worth it! Highly recommend BURN!

- Kiersten


I could not reap enough praise of the positive effect this studio has had on my body, my mind, and overall wellbeing.  The slower you go, the more effective the move- the greater the results :)

I compete in triathlons and have noticed a big increase in my strength and speed since starting BURN. It's a killer full body workout in just 45 minutes. All the instructors are amazing and will kick your butt in class!

“Obsessed with this place! I go at least five days a week and I am seeing a major difference in my body. I am stronger, leaner, and more toned! I am a serious Lagree addict!


To say this is an obsession would be an understatement! I have been going to this studio just about every day for a couple months now and it still continues to challenge me (in the best way). The class structured in focusing on certain blocks of muscles at a time. So as soon as you feel like you can't work that muscles out any longer, it's time to move onto the next block.

Jennifer C.

I love/hate Burn! LOVE because it's such an effective workout that targets EVERY muscle and pushes you to your limits every single time and well, I hate it because it hurts so good! The burn is real! But so is the tight booty that results! The instructors are awesome. Rebecca, the owner and an instructor, is a true badass and never fails to deliver anything short of a sweaty, grueling and rewarding workout.


Hands down one of the best workouts ever. You would never think that Pilates n this machine will kick ur butt so badly!! Not to mention if u take Rebecca's class, she will NOT go easy on you!! Get ready to shake, twitch, n embrace and love the BURN~ such a great workout that I got my husband to do private lessons w Rebecca.