We teach mindful, slow and controlled, low-impact, muscle-quivering yet high intensity movements. The slower you go, the more muscle you use the greater the result. We push you through quick transitions in-between the movements to keep an elevated heart rate and continuous tension in the body. Our directions, modifications, and cues are explicit and there’s no guess work on your part. We focus on providing you the most efficient 45 minutes.


This is your friendly Megaformer
The foundation of Lagree

The Magic 5:

1. Effective tension (your spring resistance)

2. Effective tempo (your pace in each move)

3. Effective time (duration of each move)

4. Effective angle (body alignment)

5. Effective range of motion (your range within a move)

Lagree Fitness offers core-centric stabilizing exercises, key to maintaining proper form and alignment throughout class. The torso is the body’s center of power, so the more strength and stability developed here, the more likely to prevent injuries.


The workout is a perfect blend of cardio, flexibility, core, balance and strength using every muscle in every movement (continuous tension). Harnessing progressive spring resistance contributes to effective muscle stimulation...that's the BURN you feel and that's where the change happens. Hear what our members are saying.


You can expect to burn between 500-800 calories per class. Because Lagree Fitness is a slow burn workout, your body will continue to burn for several hours later. With consistency (3-4 times/week), you will increase your overall muscle strength and definition.